How Social Media Protect Brands Too

To ensure that consumers are engaging only with authentic brands, social media monitoring tool Brand Vigil makes sure that companies are able to identify phony pages and abuses using their brand, as well as take action on them and track the progress of their enforcement. Brand Vigil is an online brand protection and regulatory compliance tool that monitors social media for uses of brands and trademarks anywhere in the page name, account name, or blog name. Unlike other social media monitoring tools, Brand Vigil eliminates the vagueness and obscurity of monitoring all posts and tweets mentioning the brand and several other keywords, as well as tracking massive amounts of irrelevant network.

A fake page can bring about a permutation unhealthy situations for a business. With a lot of phony pages propagating the web, it will be difficult for consumers to engage with the authentic brand, or they might actually become convinced that they are dealing with the real thing even though they’re not.

Fake pages also take a bite of the search engine ranking, possibly overthrowing the real page off the list, if not, confuse the consumer which the real page is. Facebook, for example, poses this kind threat in brand security as brand pages all look the same and the image, name and information of the brands can easily be replicated even by someone unskilled. This bring us back to the fake BP account that got 4 times more followers than the original BP account, as well as a certain Forrester analyst that got fooled by a fake Exxon Twitter.

But not all fake pages are established by those who wishes ill of the brand. Some of them might actually be set up someone from within the company to extend their reach further to customers. They are bringing the company’s name so the moment they get a bit off track, the company will become unwittingly liable for their misconduct.

“Recent guidance and enforcement action from regulatory agencies such as the FTC, FDA, and FINRA also suggests that companies will increasingly be held responsible for social media communications sent by their employees and affiliates – whether the company knew about them or not. Using a social media monitoring tool like Brand Vigil can help companies get their social media houses in order to avoid such problems,” says Marc Trachtenberg, social media attorney and Brand Vigil creator.

Social media monitoring tools will be of great help as business take their marketing efforts to the cloud. This makes sure that they are using the internet to its maximum potential and that they are not sharing their brand’s internet popularity. Social media monitoring tool is a booming trend with different claims on their product’s efficacy. Crimson Hexagon Forsight, for example, claims that it can achieve 97 percent in scoring and categorizing search as it gets trained by human. Also, Here’s a few thoughts from Jeff Nolan regarding social media monitoring tools.