yaM Labs Tweaks Cloud-based Meeting Collaboration Tool

yaM Labs and its cloud-based yaM meeting collaboration tool are relatively new players in the online collaboration industry, but the company is already stirring some buzz with its product currently in beta. The company has announced a major update for yaM, which is initially web-based. The app is now simplified in terms of ease of use, more efficient and more integrated than ever before – all in response to user requests.

“Improved ease of use: yaM has included user tips on many of the screens to make sure the user understands the full functionality and benefits of the specific tool. Now anyone can get started with the app in 3-5 minutes.”

yaM offers automated email templates to simplify emailing sending during and after meetings, and these templates have been streamlined and improved. YaM also moved up a notch when it comes to its enterprise users, who now have access to strict proxy and firewall settings. The company also changed the way it’s updating its app – it’s now uses a method similar to the one Skype leverages.

yaM now also offers Google account integration, which means users can log-in to to Google contacts from within yaM, access to Google Docs and sync between yaM and Google Calendar. According to an official release, the integration with these 3 sections “marks the beginning of a larger scale integration with Google throughout the coming months.”

YaM has been making very distinct strides to make its app stand among the other offerings in this highly competitive market, and it seems it has been doing a pretty good job at that. Earlier this year, yaM Labs secured $500k from Foresight Venture.

The Russian start-up says yaM will arrive to the iPad as well as other tablets, and add integration with the Google App marketplace, Yammer, and Jive Network over the coming months.

A similar service that has been in the news lately is SlideRocket. The company has just been acquired by VMware for an undisclosed sum to accelerate the latter in the race it’s having against Microsoft and others over the collaboration space. Collbartion however is only one elemant of the personal cloud, which have strentched all the way to Sonos and its new app recently.