It’s Not Over Yet: Cisco’s Decision to Kill Flip Leaves a Bad Taste

Everyone felt a bit shaky after two top executives left Cisco earlier this year, amidst the company’s new restructuring plan. True enough, the company shocked the tech community when they decided to shut down Flip.  Now, even after weeks have passed, Cisco still gets a beating from the press. Still a hot item, huh.

Tom Foremski, a SiliconANGLE contributor wrote in his recent ZDNet article the “unethical” part of Cisco’s decision to close Flip. He said “To flagrantly destroy so many jobs in a viable business is a cynical act of economic sabotage — especially as the US looks to the tech sector for a much needed economic boost.” He added, “I would expect a captain of industry, as Mr Chambers clearly is, to show a more compassionate leadership.”

This Cisco pronouncement, deemed by some experts as a result of the unprecedented popularity of iPhone and Android devices, prompted layoffs and losses in the hundreds of millions. After receiving mixed opinions and mostly bad reviews, the company tries to move on with some core product updates. They have to, or Juniper Networks, their fiercest nemesis would swallow them alive. Just today, Cisco launched the nextgen Linksys E4200 wireless router. And to alleviate labor concerns, they have decided to offer early retirement package to some employees.

With Flip gone, alternatives become viable options and are being given the attention by the consumers. The very surprising move of Cisco pushed runner-ups to the front of the line. If you are one of those who are already missing the Flip, there are some substitutes worth a second look. Kodak’s Zi8, for example, is good for those in search for mini camcoders, or try the Playsport Zx3 for outdoors and summer adventures. Bloggie Touch is a stellar member of the Sony product line. Other alternatives include HM-TA1 from Panasonic, HMX-P300 and HMX-P100 from Samsung, GE and DXG.

With Flip’s sudden exit, experts and users alike can’t help but to wonder and ponder on this big decision by Cisco. Aside from sacrificing more than $500 million after it acquired Pure Digital, makers of Flip in 2009, 600 employees lost their job. While Cisco has been very consistent on how is defended its decision.