Tech Patent Wars Continue: Oracle Beats Google in Court

It seems that business rivalry in the tech industry usually comes alongside multiple patent infringement claims exchanged between competing companies. Two of these are Oracle and Google. The former sued the internet company last year, claiming Android has infringed seven of Oracle’s Java patents, the language it has acquired as part of its 2010 Sun Microsystems acquisition.

Oracle has filed its claim constructs, documents which define the scope of a party’s patent rights, to a California court, and the judge has largely sided with the company.

“The claim construction order released on Wednesday by U.S. District Judge William Alsup construes terms in three of the seven patents in the case.

Out of five technical terms at issue, Alsup opted for Oracle’s interpretation of four. The judge wrote his own construction for another one.”

The judge gave the two sides until May 6 to present a critique in response to his decision. Neither Oracle or Google spokespeople published a comment, but for now it seems that Oracle has gained a slight lead in the case.

Google has taken a policy which many other companies have done to protect themselves from copyright infringements, and recently acquired $900 million worth of patents from the bankrupt networking company Nortel networks. Nevertheless, this move didn’t seem to affect judge Alsup’s decision.

The Oracle vs. Google case is a major highlight on the mobile patent infringement front, yet it is only one example of such a case. Chinese telecom equipment make Huawei filed a suit against Motorola and Nokia s for a alleged trade secret theft, and after a series of legal fights, the companies have finally reached a settlement.

This however did not mean Nokia is giving up on legal. The company filed a second lawsuit against Apple over patent infringements on virtually all its products.