Increase in Smartphones Drive Mobile Ad Market by 17%, says Inmobi

A report released by Inmobi, one of the world’s largest remaining independent mobile ad networks, details the findings of Mobile Insights Report: North American and Global Editions April 2011. Inmobi currently serve 35 billion monthly mobile advertising impression to 314 million customers all over the world. The report underscores the stronghold of mobile advertising as it grows 17 percent in North America and 11 percent globally within three months’ time. Thanks to the proliferation of the handy smartphones whose number inflated by 20 percent, ultimately increasing ad impressions to 2.3 billion.

“Smartphones represent an ideal marketing channel, the always-on, interactive, and social experience helps to provide reach for brands and a more immersive experience for the consumer. With smartphones now representing over 80% of all mobile ads in North America, advertisers and publishers are now focusing on providing consumers with engaging, rich ad experiences, it’s crucial that the industry identifies, creates and tests the best creative executions to fully engage consumers,” said Anne Frisbie, VP Managing Director North America, InMobi.

According to the report, 8 out of 10 mobile impression in North America is from a smartphone, and is dominated by Android and iOS. App advertising from January to April 2011 scaled by 58 percent and globally, it grew by 11 percent. Nokia still accounts for 37 percent of these impressions, but a significant amount of share is being raked in among Samsung, Apple and HTC, and dramatically decaying Nokia’s reign. Samsung, Apple and HTC went up by +1.2 share pts, +0.4 share points and +1.2 share points respectively, while Nokia lost -1.0 share points within 90 days.

“Following the global smartphone revolution, ‘in-application’ advertising continues to outpace mobile web ad growth. With a large global contingent of mobile app developers for iOS, Android and now Windows Phone 7, these developers represent an invaluable part of the mobile ecosystem. Developers are among the most influential individuals in the future of the mobile market and their products will shape the future of mobile advertising. The landscape will be very interesting to watch over the next year as many developers began to focus on mobile web apps to help alleviate device and platform fragmentation issues.”

The report also shows the dramatic intensification of Android with an added +3.3 share points and this represents 17 percent of all global ads. Smartphones flood Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, and is the primary device to get connected online, thus, the surging of mobile impressions. According to a separate report still by InMobi, Asians prefer purchasing goods and services on their mobile devices that their PC, so as to have mobile advertising as Asia’s most effective marketing form. Also, here’s a useful report detailing how to leverage with new trends in mobile advertising.