Will SAPphire Shine Once Again?: The Best of 2010

SAPphire goes to EMEA and China. Dubbed as one of the tech community’s premier business events, SAP’s SAPphire 2011 will travel from coast to coast and invade Florida, Madrid and Beijing to provide unparalleled insights from executives, partners and customers. The notable event will be covered by SiliconANGLE from front to back (see SiliconAngle.tv for live stream interviews and discussions throughout the event). But, before we all look forward to this year’s SAP presentation, let’s have a roundup of the Best of SAPphire 2010.

Contrary to expectations that it’s going to be the same dull event that will feature product launches and company tours, SAPphire NOW 2010 proved to be entirely different and presented a second chance to the company to redeem itself after the highly criticized deal with Sybase. In his blog, aside from analysis of the event, Dennis Howlett even mentioned how great the food was.

Perhaps two of the most notable of all speakers in last year’s roster are no less than ex-co-CEO Leo Apotheker and present co-CEO Bill McDermott. Months after this sweet episode at SAP, Apotheker exited the organization and assumed the same position within Hewlett-Packard’s pasture. He was a seasoned salesperson that brought charisma and appealing statements at SAPphire 2010. Bill McDermott on the other hand, brought the positive energy and impressed attendees on their first 100 days as leaders of the enterprise.

Other interesting discussions include the showcase of Streamwork, a collaborative tool that brings people, information and business together. It supports common set of social web apps. Another SAP innovation that caught the audience attention is the Business ByDesign marketing strategy.

SAPphire 2011 will kick off in Orlando Florida on May 15-18. Offshore events happen on November 7-10 in the Iberian Peninsula, with Madrid as the host city. In less than a week, SAP team will cross Asian borders and hold activities in China on November 14-18. This eventful and memorable affair will feature SAP World Tours and satellite locations globally.