10 Million People Saying “Xbox Bing…” is 10 Million People Not Caring About Google

The Xbox 360 is my entertainment platform of choice. It is not uncommon for me to gloat to my friends that nearly four years ago, I bought a glorified Netflix playing machine. It turns out my Xbox 360 coupled with Netflix was such a good partnership, that my roommates and I decided to cut the cable cord and rely solely on my 360 to keep us entertained. Immediately, my Xbox 360 became just as important to me as my cell phone, if not more important, because the whole house relies on it.

With the latest iteration of the Xbox 360 software with Kinect Integration, Bing has now became an integral experience not only on the Xbox, but in my life as well. With a little over 10 million Kinects sold, and Microsoft’s massive push to make the Xbox 360 the entertainment console of choice, the command, “Xbox Bing…” will be the new, “Google It.”

This should concern Google greatly. Excluding Android, Google has made no popular inroads when it comes to voice activation. Sure, it is an included feature in all Android devices, but how good is the experience, and how often does it truly need to be used? Based on my usage, and the observed usage of others with their Android devices, not often.

With the Xbox 360, based on the limited preview, Microsoft has seemingly nailed the experience of using Bing, as well as making it relevant to consumers to even use Bing. It is now the de facto search method on all Xbox 360’s, all controlled by the power of your voice. As far as I can tell, no product offered by Google provides nearly as much integration and usefulness that Bing for Xbox 360 will.

With such usefulness built into the Xbox 360, it only stands to reason that people will bring their Bing 360 experience to other devices such as the web, the iPhone, and yes, even Android devices, making Google more and more irrelevant.

The Xbox 360 is a massive force, and Microsoft is putting all it’s weight behind Bing in order to compete with Google. It’s a strategy, that if done right, will be a massive success. Unless Google can turn it all around quickly, they will be bleeding sooner rather than later.