Xeround Releases Cloud Service for MySQL Applications

Cloud database service provider Xeround announced today that its cloud database service for MySQL applications has hit general availability. The service went through a nine-month beta period that started in September last year and already managed to gain 2000 users, according to Xeround. The company also said several customers are using the offering in live production environments.

A release provided some info on the product, including the billing model behind it.

“Xeround becomes the first true pay-per-use cloud database service available in the market where customers only pay for actual resources consumed and not by server/instance size. Unlike other providers, such as Amazon RDS, that require customers to commit to a pre-set instance size that provides pre-set storage and processing capabilities,Xeround is able to automatically scale up or down exactly to the needs of the application…”

Database Size will be charged at $0.12/GB/hour, and Data Transfer will be charged at $0.46/GB. A number of side services are also offered to customers, namely support, replicas and automatic failover, daily back-ups and “Xeround’s industry-first auto-scaling features.”

The platform is available on Amazon EC2 and Heroku, and is set to become available for the Rackspace cloud in the near future.

Another company that is creating cloud environments for the enterprise is Infoblox. The Santa-Clara based company announced a new service designed to accelerate the deployment of virtualized and cloud initiatives by facilitating the migration of virtual machines between physical boxes as well as geographical locations. This offering, named NetMRI, provides “full automation capabilities in a network change and configuration management solution.”

Oracle is also making strides in expanding its portfolio of cloud solutions, though on a somewhat wider scale than Xeround and Infoblox. The IT giant recently unveiled a new cloud infrastructure offering, consisting of Sun servers virtualized and managed by Oracle software.