EMC Isilon Wins in Big Data Storage

EMC announced today that Industrial Color, the company that came up with online digital photo workflow has deployed EMC Isilon scale-out NAS as the primary storage platform that supports the various services it offers. Some of Industrial Color’s client base includes  Victoria’s Secret, NBC Universal, Kohls, Showtime Networks, Kate Spade, and Warner Bros.

“Using EMC’s Isilon S-Series and X-Series, Industrial Color has created a single, shared storage platform for its file transfer, file sharing, and content editing workflows, accelerating media access and distribution for its global client base, while simplifying big data management to less than a fraction of one full-time equivalent (FTE).”

Industrial Color has deployed the Isilon X-Series to support its GLOBALedit web-based work-in-progress photo and video project collaboration offering. The company also offers a hosted file transfer storage also supported by the Isilon X-Series, and uses the S-Series to power its Motion production video capturing and editing software.

Big data is one of the biggest trends going on in IT, and EMC is certainly not the only one venturing into this space. Much smaller companies such as ClickFox are also contributing to this segment’s growing momentum. ClickFox had some big news earlier this month, when it announced it has entered into partnerships with Oracle, SAP, IBM and Salesforce.com to accelerate sales and improve tools and services around business intelligence, all driven by big data.

ClickFox has a several Fortune 500 customers, and the same can be said of Mu Sigma. The big data analytics service provider employs analysts throughout several countries including the U.S and India, and secured $25 million from Sequoia Capital in a C-2 round.

Back to EMC, the storage giant is accelerating its growth beyond big data as well. Source believe that, based on its investments last year, the company may spend $3 billion, if not more, on acquisitions this year.