MySpace Founders Grew a Set and Walked Over to Facebook.

MySpaceWhere’s Tom?  He’s not my friend anymore. Could have sworn I saw him over at Facebook.  He can’t stop poking at the fact that it’s really over.

How over is MySpace? So over that even the guys who founded it can’t be bothered to update their profiles. Former CEO Chris DeWolfe “cringes” on the rare occasions when he visits his page on the soon-to-be-sold social networking site, according to Bloomberg Businessweek’s new cover story.

DeWolfe’s MySpace page is private, but his co-founder, Tom Anderson, keeps his page set to public, as he sort of has to: Anderson is automatically the first friend of everyone who joins. His last status update, posted March 1, was “keep up with what’s hot on MySpace.” Apparently there’s not much to keep up with; that’s the only update he’s published this yearsince 2010*.

From Forbes

The MySpace reign died when the people realized the Internet was about content.  People are content, but when was the last time something good came to your MySpace inbox?  In a world where content is king,  MySpace became a place for MyWaste.

The corruption also came from Facebook opening it’s doors outside of the college realm.  Hopefully a conscious mindset of treating it like MySpace may not help your employment status.  I think anyone (including Tom), would rather be a part of something that actually feels like a community.