It’s an IPO Rave Party for Tech, Fusion-io Wins Big

And so the tech invasion of IPOs continues… More and more investors are now shifting their cards to IT companies that just recently went public. Pandora, LinkedIn, Bankrate and Renren saw impressive stock shares amidst market decline, according to But, the biggest winner of the week is Fusion-io—it soared the highest and set a new record for the flash memory solutions provider’s shares since its opening a couple weeks ago.

The same report noted figures for Fusion-io: “Solid-state storage company Fusion-io, which priced at $19 on June 9, is having a break-out day. The stock is on track for a new closing high, up $4.56, or 15.9%, to $33.29.”

Fusion-io is indeed lighting up Wall Street, even with the threat of looming clouds ahead. Right from the start, the company was predicted to perform rather well in the market, especially with having two of world’s top organizations as their clients: Facebook and Apple. Its opening day was phenomenal and immediately followed a terrific showing of LinkedIn. Today, its valuation balloons more than 19 times its actual sales value, a bit pricey for some experts. One of the premier assets of Fusion-io is their intense focus on big data researches that fuel innovations and initiatives—which in turn draw more money into the business. Their power to enable a new breed of cloud computing apps made its mark in the industry. The cost and energy savings through flash memory offering are almost exceeding 90% versus traditional methods.

It’s possible these opportunities being swept at Fusion-io’s doorway have inspired newbies like FlashSoft, which uses flash as cache and eliminates IO bottleneck, ultimately improving the enterprise’s application performance. Another up and rising name is Xiotech which recently appointed former EMC executive to lead their Global Services faction.

The stock market is arguably one of the most unpredictable financial channels on the planet. Whether Fusion-io and the rest of the tech brood could sustain these gains while all else are hitting the pits is a question that might be put under fire when Facebook enters the IPO picture in 2012. But as of press time, new technology and advancements in the cloud and around big data are seriously drawing more attention, and more investments.