Lead Up to VMworld: Let’s Get Some Perspective, Here


The first few major user conferences I attended gave me agita.  I could cover the news well enough but it felt like there was this huge under swell that you could feel.

It came down to the myriad of products, services, partners, user groups, channels – the list goes on.

I felt it again last year at VMworld, the annual VMware user conference. It just had a sense of overwhelmingness to it.

This year I thought why not use this time before VMworld to look at the VMware ecosystem? SiliconAngle will be there in force, anyways. And  I’ve written more about virtualization in the past year than perhaps any other topic.

So, that’s what we are going to do. Here’s ten topics  we plan to cover:

  • VMware’s Biggest Threats and Opportunities
  • The Hypervisor – how is its role changing?
  • Storage Virtualization: Vendors to Watch
  • Mobile  Virtualization for the Smartphone and the Tablet
  • The Emerging Platform Market
  • Mongo DB and Other Non-Traditional VMware Partners
  • The Top of the Stack: How Socialcast and Mozy Fit With VMware
  • New Data, Old Systems and the Evolving Role of Virtualization
  • The VMworld Services Ecosystems
  • Desktop Virtualization in a Post-PC Era

Services Angle

VMware has an extensive services ecosystem. In all of these posts we will examine the role played by new and traditional services providers.

Have a story you’d like to see covered in the lead up to VMware? Contact me @alexwilliams, here in the comments or by email: alexhwilliams@gmail.com.