Nordic Games Rescues JoWood, The Adventure Company from Insolvency


Swedish game developer Nordic Games today announced the acquisition of Jowood, as well as brands, products, and a number of subsidiaries including The Adventure Company. Publishing under Nordic Games GmBH Vienna, Austria office, the two newly-acquired companies are to re-launch some titles and develop new IP’s and franchises such as SpellForce, Painkiller, ArcaniA, The Guild, Panzer Elite, Legend of Kay, etc. The new Vienna office had selected some of the company’s best developers.

“This new venture will be a fresh start, and we will be introducing new systems, procedures and business ethics to ensure the company goes from strength to strength,” said Nordic Games CEO Lars Wingefors.

“This is the beginning of a new era and over the coming months product development will start on a variety of well loved and respected brands and products.”

Before moving to Austria (the HQ of JoWood) Nordic Games held its headquarters in Sweden.

Sweden has a lot to say about games. There even was a huge Swedish-based games festival called Nordic Games Indie Night, organized and run by The Copenhagen Games Collective. Last May, it screened through entries and finally featured 8 games to showdown for the finals on the 10th.

Apart from games, Sweden is a leader in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Life Science, Clean Technology and Gaming, and the originator of some of the world’s novel inventions (e.g. seatbelts, pacemaker, mobile telephony). Dedicated to bringing higher forms of comfort into our lives, it organized an exhibit called Innovative Sweden to tour all over the world from 2011 to 2013, showcasing startups that may change our lives forever.

It’s not just Sweden, the Nordic region also has Finland talking big about games. It is home to some of the biggest games’ development studios in the world, popularly Angry Birds. Nordic developers credit their success as they look into consumers in an international point of view, and not locally. The latter would be rather impractical considering the country’s small size.