Convirture Unveils vCenter for the Open-source Cloud

Open-source cloud management software maker Convirture is trying to bridge the gap in the open cloud space with a new product company founder and chief executive Arsalan Farooq refers to as “VMware vCenter for the rest of us.”  The new offering, ConVirt Enterprise Cloud, is due to set to launch this September.

Enterprise Cloud is partially based on the ConVirt Enterprise virtualization management tool for Xen and KVM, only it also blends in cloud management. Clients can use the web-based console to administrate infrastructure clouds built on top of open-source software such as OpenStack and  Eucalyptus, as well as to handle Amazon EC2 resource allocation.

Farooq detailed how his company’s upcoming platform has yet another advantage:

“… it [ConVirt Enterprise Cloud] can “convert existing virtualization infrastructure into cloud infrastructure”. You can take a raw KVM or XEN setup, he says, and transform it into something akin to what you get with Amazon EC2.”

This means things are being simplified for the end user, who will have access to what can be called a ‘self-service’ cloud via the platform’s web UI.

On Tuesday, the same day the announcement was made,  open storage platform maker Gluster announced GlusterFS 3.3 beta 2.  The company has been upgrading the offering in a very steady pace, adding Hadoop support with this latest update.  Beta 2 also introduces a couple of data protection features, which is also a major advantage in the cloud space customers are looking at.

VMware, the maker of ConVirt Enterprise Cloud’s exceedingly popular propriety counterpart, is also diving deep into open-source waters with its Cloud Foundry PaaS offering.  It’s still in beta, but is quickly gaining traction thanks to an aggressive partnership strategy by its developer.