Thomson Reuters and other Top Tablet Apps for Business Users

This week too we’ve rounded up five of the most widely used tablet business apps out there. This category is a growing one, and more and more developers are following the trend.  As the social enterprise begins to take off, business-oriented apps become even more important for the iPad and Android tablets in particular.


Thomson Reuters Marketboard

Thomson Reuters Marketboard is a rounded-out financial app that allows users to keep up with market activity.  You can find updates on the company you’re following, read a full report about it written by Reuters and get access to company level news.  The app also comes with a portfolio monitor that encompasses real-time metrics, and the ability to save news to your device.


MobileNoter is a note-taking app that packs quite a few features, first and foremost integration with Microsoft OneNote.  Users can sync their data and notes both ways using a desktop client provided by the developer, switch to handwriting input, and view and edit files.


mobilEcho is a file server client for the iPad that blends in all the aspects you would normally see in apps like this.  It comes with Apple Data Protection and connects to the mobilEcho cloud via HTTPS, and an organization’s IT staff can set policies over the air, remotely wipe data and more. After users a connected, they can view and access files using a built-in search function.



JoMo, now optimized for Honeycomb tablets, allows users to find local jobs using the app. The application aggregates postings from several major job sites  and layers the data on top Google Maps, while providing salary comparison and advanced search.

OfficeSuite Pro 5

OfficeSuite is a tablet-optimized text editor for Android. Users can create and view for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, access PDF, EML and RTF files and write in a native environment supporting over 10 languages.