Secret Client Asks IBM To Build the Biggest Data Drive Ever!

To realize IT-success in this day and age, there are two areas that you need to dedicate your time and focus: mobility and big data.  This is brought about by people tickled with the idea of packing everything they need in mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad—bearing our current frontiers of the mobile sphere. But the craving does not stop here. Oftentimes, you find 5,000 songs is not enough and your iPod is running out of memory to accommodate your new favorites. You wish for something more when you are unable to store HD videos in your tablet to keep you company during a long trip. There is still this resounding need for more storage as human beings’ demands grow larger than life. With a similarly colossal nature, an unnamed client fuels IBM’s big ambition: to build the biggest data drive ever. This will reportedly be composed of a 120 petabyte storage capacity and some 200,000 normal HDDs.

In a Time article, IBM’s Bruce Hillsberg said “this 120 petabyte system is on the lunatic fringe now, but in a few years it may be that all cloud computing systems are like it.”

Of course, it is an hyperbole to say that as a normal user, I would be directly affected should this be fulfilled. But big data revolution fancies this idea.  Around the globe, information piles up every second of every day.  This also suggests why big data analytics is booming everywhere, across multiple industries.  IBM is not only supporting data storage and management, but the enterprise wants to be a signifcant part of it.  The fulfillment of this many-petabyte-system will change the world from its core.

As Hewlett-Packard’s PC business continues to plunge, IBM has been triumphant in veering away from industry pitfalls by exploring several facets of their hardware business. The company ties with the now-struggling HP in first place for server sales in Q2, beating one of the its strongest foes, Oracle.

IBM, now armed with the objective to create computers that think like humans, has recently brought brain power to experimental chips. They also power their social involvement by sharing tips for disaster preps, flood prediction and educating consumers on energy concepts and concerns. They’ve launched a new hybrid of cloud computing that will aid users in connecting, managing and securing private and public clouds.

IBM has high regard for data scientist bridging the future of human space and information technology.  Furthermore, the company is dead serious in putting things together to create history with the largest storage array.  It’s a series of lofty goals for IBM, but it’s taking them all in stride.  IBM’s looking to make its mark on the future, in data drives, humanistic algorithms and enterprise services.  Where will IBM go next?