EnterpriseDB Ups the PostgreSQL Ante

PostgreSQL, an open source database management system, got pumped up today with the released of version 9.1.  The latest community edition release aims to compete at the enterprise level and confidently goes head-to-head with the likes of MySQL, Oracle’s 11g databases, IBM’s DB2, and Microsoft’s SQL Server database.

Just last month, EnterpriseDB, the company that provides PostgreSQL enterprise-class products and services, launched the Postgres Enterprise Manager.  The Enterprise Manager provides advanced server monitoring.

PostgreSQL 9.1’s streaming replication feature has been greatly enhanced since 9.0. Other major features include:

  • Allow synchronous replication
  • Add support for foreign tables
  • Add per-column collation support
  • Add extensions which simplify packaging of additions to PostgreSQL
  • Add a true serializable isolation level
  • Support unlogged tables using the UNLOGGED option in CREATE TABLE
  • Allow data-modification commands (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE) in WITH clauses
  • Add nearest-neighbor (order-by-operator) searching to GiST indexes
  • Add a SECURITY LABEL command and support for SELinux permissions control
  • Update the PL/Python server-side language

PostgreSQL 9.1 runs on different Windows and Linux versions, including Mac OS X, Solaris, HP-UX, and FreeBSD. The new database management system is available for download at Postgre’s official site.

EnterpriseDB has been building out its product offerings, having also unveiled Cloud Server, a variant of PostgreSQL 9.0 and 9.1.  The server is currently in beta and is going to be released this coming November.

PostgreSQL is rapidly gaining popularity in the server industry.  Even Apple replaced MySQL with PostgreSQL in their latest Mac OSX Lion operating system.

Whether PostgreSQL continues to pique the server industry’s interest as an alternative database system or not, the enterprise still remains doubtful in open source cloud products, for security and customization reasons. But the industry is gradually picking up speed and it’s driving a new market for innovative products.