TappIn Is The New HomePipe, Taps Into Salesforce

HomePipe is undergoing a transformation, with a major update and a new name–TappIn.  An innovator in digital content access and file sharing, TappIn is also launching new features that cater to the needs of professionals.  For starters, there’s Salesforce.com integration, cloud caching, enhanced secure sharing and multi-lingual support to meet the increasing demand for a solution that streamlines the convergence of personal and professional lives in a mobile device.

“Since launching HomePipe in early 2010, we’ve received a number of inquiries from customers who want to leverage our solution into their business environments” said Chris Hopen, president and CEO of TappIn.

“We’re not just for the home anymore.  This is what triggered us to rename the company to TappIn, and add a new set of business-ready capabilities. People want to ‘tap in’ to their digital content, be it work or personal, anywhere, anytime, on the device of their choice but they don’t want to risk the security of any proprietary information. TappIn securely connects people to their content and content to people.”

TappIn still has its original HomePipe features, such as SecureShare and Text Share.  New features include Multi-lingual Support with six languages available, namely French, Italian, German, Spanish, Standard Chinese and Simplified Chinese.  And there’s also the TappIn Partner Program that enables channel partners, including storage providers, to provide customers with secure, streaming, anywhere/anytime access to rich media content.

CloudCaching allows users to “pin” content to TappIn’s secure cloud and set conditions under which content will stay or be automatically removed from the cache, and Saleforce.com Integration enables road warriors to access information stored in Salesforce as well as content stored on a home or office computer.  The enhanced cloud-caching tools build on TappIn’s existing, proprietary technology, which is a driving force for the company’s strategy and areas of differentiation.  The integration with Salesforce indicates the growing importance of the CRM as an integrated hub for the booming social enterprise sector, and indicates TappIn’s desire to delve deeper into the enterprise market.  It’s a strategy we’re seeing from several companies taking over this space, including Syncplicity.

“Designed for mobile workers, Salesforce.com integration enables road warriors to access information stored in Salesforce as well as content stored on a home or office computer,” Hopen explains. “With Salesforce Integration, professionals can instantly and securely share important files stored within Salesforce using just the tap of a finger.

Although we originally launched HomePipe with the consumer in mind, we’ve had tremendous interested from professionals and businesses in using the service.  With the proliferation of mobile devices, work and personal life are increasingly converging, and people want to have access to all of their content – personal and professional – no matter where it’s stored.”

TappIn is available in two versions: the Lite version delivers unlimited access to one computer from any mobile device and the Standard Edition that offers advanced features like Salesforce integration, cloud-based caching, multi-lingual support, unlimited large file transfers and the ability to link multiple computers and devices at the same time for just $19.99 per year but users who sign up for the Standard Edition within 60 days will get a year of the Standard service for just $9.99.

The TappIn app is available for all Apple, Android and Windows 7 devices and compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.  Broad access across devices as well as enterprise and consumer segments is a growing priority for the re-branded TappIn.  Moving forward, the company’s looking to expand its reach through a series of partnerships, another important tactic for startups building cloud solutions for file-sharing with hopes of moving into enterprise markets.

While TappIn’s service remains easy to use for consumers and professionals alike, the company has significant plans to expand its partnership initiatives in the next few years,” Hopen says.  “In October, TappIn will announce a partnership with a major storage provider, and is working with other cloud-storage and NAS providers, telecommunications companies, and app developers to integrate TappIn’s white-label access solution into their existing and future product offerings.  With comprehensive APIs, TappIn’s technology can be easily integrated into a wide array of platforms and services.

Contributors: Mellisa Tolentino