Podio for iPhone Adds Support for Custom Apps


Podio is a Danish company that provides an enterprise social networking and collaboration tool that also includes a platform for building simple custom apps through a point and click interface. Today the company will announce support for this building environment through its iPhone app.

The Podio iPhone app won’t yet support the creation of apps, but users will be able to access and use apps they create.

Podio CEO Tommy Ahlers says that an Android app is another 2-3 months out.

Podio has a freemium pricing model. Ahlers says the company already has 40,000 accounts, though of course not all of these accounts are paying. Some of its major customers include BMW (where Podio is used in one department) Alcatel Lucent (where Podio is being used in a few departments) and InMobi (where Podio is used through the company).

Podio screenshot

Services Angle

Business process modeling vendors have been providing business analysts with visual programming tools for years, and now Podio is trying to bring point and click app development to business unit managers and even end users. This could empower employees to create custom workflows without writing code. Podio reminds me of SharePoint, but is far simpler and more user friendly. Creating a help desk system could be done with only a few clicks.

This point and click app revolution, along with out of the box integrations provided by companies like SnapLogic, could be a major disruptor for the traditional services industry.