uTorrent Brings Speedy Content Sync to Mobile and Personal Cloud


Slowly dwindling are the days when peer-to-peer or P2P technology is easily painted as just serving piracy–at least when it comes to constant smear campaigns against the technology by the media industry. Today, it becomes a tool to ease file transfer from different devices—a feature that draws smiles to personal cloud and mobile space. This P2P technology supporting faster synchronization of downloaded contents is what µTorrent hopes to deliver with their release of support integration for multiple devices.

The Torrentfreak.com article provided more details on this development: “Today we can add another feature to the list, as BitTorrent quietly rolled out support for external devices in the latest uTorrent alpha release. Aside from the usual bug fixes, the new release allows users to drag and drop downloaded files to Apple and Android devices, as well as the PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles.” To add to this is a readily available option to convert files into formats appropriate for your device.

It is not impossible to see that the record-breaking 100 million monthly users will rapidly escalate to bigger proportions as µTorrent implements integration with iPhone, iPad, PS3, Xbox 360, and Android hardware. Not even the reported hacking incident or copyright infringement in the US have stopped BitTorrent’s most popular arm to introduce its new service to the marketplace. This goes with the idea that the billion dollar mobile market is still booming at a record pace and that cloud is stealing the limelight and massive attention of the tech community.

Synchronization acceleration will pick-up speed by pulling from multitude of resources.

BitTorrent is rethinking the way we share files through network and is now trying to venture in taking media to the next level as it explores a possibility of launching a live streaming technology really soon. Aside from mobility, personal cloud is also a hot item presently. Recently, Xbox partnered with ComCast Cable to bring in personal cloud to living rooms and deliver great deal of content.

uTorrent’s multi-platform integration says a lot about the growing trends in different industries like mobility, gaming, personal cloud, videos and software development. P2P technology has also been the file sharing company’s asset in intruding the mobile and cloud avenues.