ClickFox and Teradata Team-up for Customer Analytics

ClickFox, an analytics firm that focuses on extracting insight into customer touch-points, and Teradata, an enterprise big data vendor, announced a partnership today that aims to promote ClickFox’s CRM analytics offerings to Teradata customers.

“Teradata recognizes the tremendous value of providing cross-channel customer and product experience analysis of data to its customers. Now Teradata customers will gain an even greater competitive edge with our next-generation analytics platform,” says Marco Pacelli, ClickFox CEO.

Jeff Kelly explained here how ClickFox is taking a new approach to CRM analytics.  Rather than trying to gauge the impact of marketing campaigns based on social media data, for example, it looks into the customers’ interactions with a company instead of their impressions.  ClickFox believes that this provides a more straight-forward look into how it would be possible to optimize customer-facing processes, i.e. level of service, tech support and so on.

Interactive voice response systems are one of the things the new partnership ClickFox and Teradata will emphasize.  According to a couple of studies carried out by ClickFox, including one released last week, poor customer care can be a very big money sinkhole.  In its latest report ClickFox pointed towards Nebraska, West Virginia and New Mexico as the states that account for the largest number of repeated calls from customers, as well as noting this activity’s actual cost for companies.

Teradata also had an update last Thursday. It announced version 14 of Teradata Database, which ships with more security options and an efficiency boost.  Customers can now avoid repeated decompression to save time and resources, and schedule when particular jobs will be carried out.  The company looked outwards, too, with v14, and incorporated several features that make it easier for users of competing platforms to migrate.