Ellison’s Exadata Keynote Sets Tone of Hilarity for Oracle Openworld 2011

I’m watching Oracle CEO Larry Ellison on CNBC tonight as I conclude my day, a profile timed to coincide with his keynote speech at Oracleworld 2011.  The CNBC interview tells the story of a courageous and fierce man that can’t squelch his competitive nature, but his keynote this year did little to promote the positives of his personality.  In what some are already pegging the worst keynote ever, Ellison’s opening speech was perhaps more boastful than usual, harping on stats and Exadata for an hour.

Exalytics integration was the big reveal at Oracleworld, incorporating an in-memory database with an angle that competes head on with SAP’s HANA in-memory computing platform.  The benefit is that in-memory databases place information to be processed in RAM rather than disks, resulting in a boost in performance.

It runs a software stack that includes parallelized versions of Oracle’s TimesTen in-memory database, which seemed to really be the mantra, and now the running joke of Ellison’s keynote this evening.  According to Oracle’s head, Exalytics is 10x faster than…just about everything.

The redundancy of Ellison’s speech led to quite a ruckus on Twitter.  One man tweeted that he “just learned from Larry Ellison’s keynote that 10 x 10 = 100.”

Another missive read “Larry just said ‘our machine paralyzes our customers…Oops meant paralellize.'”

Our team has been equally as edgy with tweets, anticipating the tone of the remainder of Oracle OpenWorld 2011, which is shutting down streets in San Francisco with its “party atmosphere.”

Our Editor-in-Chief Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins said, “if Ellison’s keynote is any indicator, the entire focus of Oracle is centered around 10x Clusterfscksn and Larry’s yachts.”

“Larry Ellison imagines himself to be the enterprise’s Steve Jobs, but Steve Jobs liberated and disrupted old markets, and the results were amazing,” said our founder John Furrier. “Larry is in an incumbent position, though, and Oracle is simply extracting rents. Oracle will be the one that’s disrupted.”

As entertaining as Ellison’s keynote speech was tonight, the real question is whether or not Oracle can back up its claims as it takes on long time rival SAP, amongst others, on yet another front.

“I don’t think SAP has to worry (any more than normal) about ExaWhatevers,” Hopkins  said. “SAP knows how to present themselves as relevant to people not named Larry Ellison. By that, I mean that the theme of #sapphirenow was all about the evolution of enterprise (mobile, big data, analytics, etc.). Where is what Oracle is doing to  address  the wider markets being represented in this keynote?”

Oracle is pushing its initiatives along a popular thread for cloud computing, closing out the year with an expected, and resounding bang.

SiliconANGLE’s #theCube will be broadcasting live all week from Oracle OpenWorld all week long. Stay tuned to SiliconANGLE.TV for blanket coverage of the event.