Does Dell’s CEO have a “Steve Jobs Plan” for the Company’s Future? DellWorld 2011

Every major tech corporation has its own conference, and electronics giant Dell is no exception. Dell World is kicking off this week, and this year will be the last conference the company will be holding in Austin, Texas, also the location of its headquarters.  Michael Dell blames it on the lack of hotel rooms in the city.

Just in time for the conference, Forbes’ Roger Kay thought it would be good to compare Michael Dell with Steve Jobs. The former returned to the company in 2007, and Kay believes the founder and now CEO may be brewing a long-term plan similar in nature to what Jobs managed to successfully execute when he came back to Apple.

“Dell’s execution has been focused and steady and the results are beginning to show.   Since most people don’t have the strategic vision and single-mindedness to pave a decade-long path, those who do can sometimes work wonders. “

Dell is competing in a very fast-paced market, and the company is trying to keep up in addition to realizing a longer term outlook. The company announced that it has fused Optimized Deployment, a service that lets users rapidly deploy preconfigured Windows copies and apps on multipage clients, and its KACE management appliances to create a single service. Customers can use this new hybrid service to deploy fully pre-configured Windows on selected clients.

Another advantage the new offering features – for both customers and Dell itself– is that it can be used to automatically replace HP, Lenvo or Acer products with Dell clients.

Dell is facing some declines in its customer business just like rival HP, which is why it has stepped up investment in its enterprise businesses. The company put $1 billion aside to setup new datacenters designed to support cloud services, and it announced that the first one will be built in Slough, England.