Pivot3 Launches New VDI Appliance Line for VMware Environments

Pivot3, a provider of unified storage and compute appliances, unveiled the Pivot3 vSTAC VDI appliance for VMware view environments.  The new tool offers a stackable virtual desktop infrastructure along with high-performance compute and storage platform best suited for managing virtual desktops.

vSTAC VDI appliances deliver high-performance compute and storage resources that scale as appliances are stacked together.  The vSTAC VDI adds support for high performance virtual desktops systems, introduces advanced architecture for linear and seamless scalability and maximum capacity and performance throughput and standardizes hardware management VMware environments.

The appliance also offers scalable VDI compute, storage and network resources and automatic load balancing features to ensure that virtual desktops receive the optimal resources.  The VDI provides Pivot3 Configuration Tool for ease of managing VDI deployments.

“Our ability to build and deliver seamlessly unified shared storage and virtual server appliances that are purpose-built to address modern virtual server, big data and surveillance workloads has provided us with the expertise to tackle the VDI market,” said Olivier Thierry, CMO, Pivot3.

“Each vSTAC VDI appliance is tuned to deliver a high-performance VDI experience combining 20 threads of compute power, 96G of RAM, 3TBs of storage, along with a 200G Solid State storage tier. Our simple appliance model enables us to speed VDI trials and simplify designs, while reducing CAPEX and OPEX by up to 40 percent, while eliminating storage as a barrier to VDI deployments.”

Virtualized environments have been evolving more towards highly scalable and multi device solutions to work for small to enterprise-sized businesses.  Virtual desktop infrastructure provider Pano Logic recently introduced two VDI solutions for SMBs called, Pano Express SMB and Pano Express HA.  The products support both VMware vSphere4 and Windows Server 2008 users.  Networking giant Cisco also recently joined hands with Citrix to offer VXI product line, a VDI-optimized video and voice delivery platform to consumers.