SlideRocket Extends the Niftiness of Applications to Support Education


It doesn’t seem too long ago when analysts and pundits alike criticized the idea of software because they didn’t believe that something intangible can actually make real money. Today, however, the tech bubble that used to be the target of hardcore criticism is standing tall and proud as the foundation of modern computers. Indeed, there’s only a thin line that divides genius from insanity.

Taking the idea of software to the next level, the world came to know applications. It was in 2008 when the first app store launched, and it was truly groundbreaking. The business and entertainment world wanted it, and then it became a necessity. The world knows all too well that things will never be the same without them.

Knowing the efficacy of applications, high-tech talents are on the race of developing apps that would also boost the way students learn and teachers teach. SlideRocket joins the education app revolution with the launch of SlideRocket EDU, a free interactive app available through Google Apps EDU. It enables students and educators to be more creative, work together and embrace technologies that support them as 21st century learners.

SlideRocket’s free educational platform is accessible to approved educators with Google EDU accounts simply by clicking the SlideRocket EDU page on Google apps.

“With the new SlideRocket EDU, groups of teachers can build a library of interactive web-based presentations together in lesson planning, and students can easily collaborate on class projects,” says John Kuglin, Senior Education Consultant and Retired Associate Dean at the University of Montana who also uses SlideRocket to teach students and collaborate with educators.

It’s the digital age now, and we’re all hardwired to technology. Youngsters ages 8-18 years old spend 11.5 hours a day using these nifty devices, and somehow, we all look forward to (consciously or unconsciously) embedding the way we learn into our virtual lives; one that is “collaborative, untethered and digitally rich.” These needs boil down to applications.

Apart from SlideRocket, the Education Development Corporation also have their eyes on enhancing the way modern people learn and bought stakes from Demibooks, a Chicago-based technology company that has developed a platform to allow publishers and authors to create interactive books for the iPad. Even Apple has a section made especially for educational apps.