Q&A: JavaScript Creator Brendan Eich on Standards, the Influence of Lisp and More


Logo.js Brendan Eich is the co-founder of the Mozilla Foundation and the creator of JavaScript. I recently sat down with him at SPLASH 2011 to talk about the future of JavaScript, the importance of standards and the influence (or lack thereof) of John McCarthy and the Lisp programming language on JavaScript.

Eich published his presentation from the event on SlideShare:

Eich also gave a similar presentation at JSConf EU.

Services Angle

JavaScript is a critical part of how Web services are built, from AJAX to HTML5. Node.js, a server side implementation of JavaScript, is making it possible to write applications entirely in JavaScript. It’s an important language to watch. You can check the work in progress specification for the next version of JavaScript here.

The Joe Hewitt essay I mentioned can be found here.