ActiveState Offers Free Tool for Developers

ActiveState’s Stackato Micro Cloud comes out of beta today, and will remain a free offering to developers.  Stackato is the company’s Cloud Foundry-based open platform-as-a-service, which differentiates itself by being vendor agnostic with support for public and private cloud platforms, not to mention a sizable number of programming languages. Micro Cloud lets developers deploy their apps on a single node, and is a very ambitious gesture towards the open-source community backing it (in addition to serving as an enhanced trial for potentially soon to be paying customers.)

“The interest from large enterprises and from developers around ActiveState Stackato has been astounding,” said Bart Copeland,President & CEO of ActiveState. “In the spirit of supporting developercommunities, ActiveState has determined that Stackato Micro Cloud will always be freely available to download, install and use for your development projects and internal deployments.”

ActiveState is reacting to the industry’s growing interest through more than just one route, and has recently rolled out new functionality to Stackato.  The PaaS now features the Stackato Admin Dashboard, a private cloud monitoring tool, and integration with New Relic.  New Relic provides an app performance monitoring SaaS (and had a product update of its own recently, when it introduced a server-side visibility tool).

Stackato is based on Cloud Foundry, which is building up a lot of momentum on its own. A new Evans Data survey found that developers consider VMware’s open-source PaaS to be the number one development platform overall among the 14 offerings that were covered in the paper. The PaaS market as a whole has picked up a lot of momentum, and the competiton is increasing.

DotCloud recently extended support to three new databases including MySQL and the NoSQL MongoDB and Redis DBs.