Tobii Brings Sono Flex to Android, Helps Special Needs Students

Tobii Assistive Technology, the company that offers complete Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for people with special needs, released Sono Flex for Android just a month after the launch of the industry’s first multi-platform communication application.

Sono Flex is a special educational app that turns symbols and text into speech.  This app is quite useful for young minds who are just starting to learn things, or for those people who weren’t given the chance to learn how to read and/or write.

“In offering Sono Flex for Android, we meet our users through the extended reach and possibilities offered by the Android-platform with its accessibility, scalability, price, form factor and so much more,” says Tobii Assistive Technology President Oscar Werner.  “With Sono Flex for Android, Tobii has effectively created the first AAC device for under 300USD. Just add a Kindle Fire, a Nook or any other smart phone, tablet or reader and you’re ready to start communicating!”

The diference between Sono Flex and other AAC apps is that it is available in multiple platforms, it is very flexible as it assommodates the user’s requirements as well as real-time needs, and has a solid structure built on a sturdy foundation of a massive vocabulary which is easy to navigate.

Sono Flex is so reliable that it becomes addictive.  We are innately social people, and any app, service or tool that facilitates communication or eliminates communication barriers has the potential to make an impact.

“The growth path offered by Sono Flex is unparalleled in the industry — you are no longer stuck with a single app, a single device, or a single platform,” says Werner. “Some will start with Sono Flex on their smart phone or maybe a tablet or a reader, and then move on to our more sophisticated language products and our Tobii communication devices. For others, Sono Flex on a standard consumer electronic device will be enough. It is time that the AAC players stop talking about technology and focus on what is truly important — the development of communication.”

Click here to download the Tobii Sono Flex Android app for $99.99 but if you want to try it out first, you can download the lite version here.