Evernote’s Love Affair with Mobile Bears Three New Apps

Quick capture and easy access has fueled Evernote’s success.  The organization is running on a freemium business model and is looking to create a multi-platform, cross-device technology soon.  With its quest in maintaining your digital memory, Evernote comes out with a few new products as we near year’s end.  They all offer more specific ways to interact with your saved content, as Evernote tries to generate a more purpose-built platform with wider consumer appeal.  This latest step in their app strategy further’s Evernote’s love affair with mobile, a platform that’s let Evernote’s services really get into our heads.

Evernote Hello

Half of the time, you tend to forget the name of the person you just met but remember the face, or vice versa. Say hi to a clutter-free digital memory of your daily acquaintances with Evernote Hello. This app not only records names and faces, but also stores shared experiences, thoughts and impressions about certain meetings.  The goal is to modernize the typical greeting habit.

Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, shared what triggered the conception of Evernote Hello and how it works:

“The challenge with meeting new people is that we rarely remember all the critical information. We remember the face, but forget the name. We remember the name, but forget where we met. We remember the meeting, but forget the other participants. Evernote Hello is a modern fix to this classic frustration. It is designed to work the way our brains are wired, with a focus on faces and experiences. I’m excited to never forget a person again.”

Evernote Hello is available for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Evernote Food & Clearly

Available for both iPhone and iPad users, Evernote Food focuses on taking in every element of your eating habits as it happens meal-by-meal, tagging related photos, location, text and captioning.

A better online reading experience is what Evernote Clearly is all about. This app cleans the look of blogs and articles to make it more readable—simplifies web reading that is. It strips away advertising banners and links from the web articles.

“We’re making the transition from an application to a platform for your memory. Our goal is to make each of the individual applications very simple and beautiful. They each do something very straightforward and from there, it’s a gateway to the rest of the Evernote experience.”

Evernote for Android and Windows Phone

The company continues with its winning streak across the mobile scene.  It recently introduced Evernote version 2.1 for Windows Phone, adding the following features: pin nearly anything to the home screen, templates for notes, improved text editing option, background sync, search integration and social features. Evernote also released an app tailored for Android smartphones and iPad 2.

Evernote reached the 10 million users-mark last June and ballooned to 16 million in just 5 months. This incredible traction (4 million added users from January 2010) has also revealed that while they offer freemium services, the premium paying members doubled in just half a year.  To take care of their growing customer base, Evernote teamed with Parature for online customer support and reporting tools.

Evernote has taken mobile note-taking to another level. With these latest app releases, Evernote’s diversifying its interface opportunities, finding more ways for users to interact with their content.  When it comes to cloud curation services, it’s becoming more about creating action and custom products from all that content, and this is something happening across a number of industries, even beyond note-taking. Evernote’s unconventional way of helping the world remember important events in their lives landed them on Forbes America’s Most Promising Companies list.

Contributors: Cherr Aira