SnapLogic and Orchestra Networks Team Up for Cloud Data Management

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SnapLogic, which makes it easy for customers to integrate multiple cloud applications via a simple Web based interface, today announced a partnership with Orchestra Networks to power the integration aspect of, a cloud-based master data management platform launched earlier this year.

I’ve noted before that compliance and data governance are becoming hot areas for investors. EnStratus and Services Mesh have both raised big rounds of funding recently.

SnapLogic is already poised to seriously disrupt the traditional service integrator market by offering cheap connections between applications instead of requiring the creation of custom solutions for each customer. The big question is whether this is a complementary offering or a distraction from SnapLogic’s core offering. And what does SnapLogic, a company founded by Gaurav Dhillon of the data integration company Informatica, know about data governance?

That’s where Orchestra Networks comes in. “We’re moving up market,” says Elias Terman, director of product marketing at SnapLogic. SnapLogic has had success with enterprise customers like Fox News and Outback Steakhouse, and earlier this year expanded into the data quality market with a new set of tools. SnapLogic wants to bring its data integration capabilities to more enterprises. Orchestra has been in the data governance business for over 10 years. Earlier this year it launched its cloud-based service, but its integration capabilities were minimal. Now users will be able to add data from many applications into through SnapLogic’s pre-made “snaps.”

SnapLogic, along with companies like Talend, are real game changers in the traditional services industry. And the migration to the cloud and the rise of big data are making data governance more important now than ever, and creating new opportunities for innovative approaches and new players. Keep an eye on what happens here.