AT&T Gives up on T-Mobile Buy. Will They Partner Instead?

In a move reflective of AT&T’s troubles in acquiring T-Mobile, Ma Bell’s reportedly dropped its bid for the UK-based telecom provider.  The deal’s been a questionable one from the very first day, sending AT&T on a difficult mission to prove its honorable motives behind the massive acquisition.  In recent weeks, the acquisition has come under investigation by the FCC, leading AT&T to revamp its proposal on at least one occasion.

Few details have emerged around AT&T’s latest decision, the news breaking on AllThingsD with a one-sentence blog post promising more information to come.   But the story’s been brewing all day, supposedly suspending talks with potential buyers for T-Mobile assets.  The end of the line seems inevitable at this point, considering the hoops AT&T has had to jump through in order to make it this far.

While the acquisition may not come to fruition at this time, there’s no reason to think AT&T and T-Mobile aren’t coming up with an alternative.  Some purport that the two wireless providers will come together in a joint technology solution, or AT&T purchasing a minority stake in T-Mobile.  It would be in AT&T’s interest to continue seeking solutions for expanding its 4G networks, a major perk for AT&T’s initial goals in acquiring T-Mobile.

Google, too, has faced some scrutiny in recent weeks regarding an acquisition of its own.  The bid for Motorola Mobility is part of Google’s efforts to grow its patent portfolio amidst an onslaught of infringement cases coming from all directions.  It seems everyone, from Apple to Microsoft, Oracle to British Telecom, wants a piece of the Android pie.