Top Tech Trends of 2011: Infographic

2011 is officially behind us as we celebrated New Years yesterday. A lot of things have happened over the past 12 months, and we can’t help but reminisce the top trends that wowed the tech scene.

Group buying

One of these trends is group buying, subsequently leading us to Groupon and Living Social. Groupon managed to increase its Holiday earnings by 500 percent, selling more than 650,000 holiday deals from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. The company also managed to acquire Open Cal, despite its ongoing UK advertising process investigation. Living Social, on the other hand, has been training new developers via its new site, Hungry Academy.


Geolocation was also a big thing last year, bringing us to Google Maps, Foursquare, Bing Maps and Twitter Geolocation API as the popular trends in this space. There are also geolocation services that you might not have heard of, such as Geoloqic and Snappr.

Tablets galore

And we can’t miss out tablets! As usual, the leader and creator of the niche, Apple, tops everything tablet, from sales to tablet appsAmazon’s Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Note are also doing fairly well in the competition, especially this holiday season.

Check out this infographic by G+ for more details.

Top Tech Trends of 2011