Broadcom Has Big Ideas for Connected Devices at CES

Broadcom CEO Scott McGregor discussed his company’s position in the mobile space during an interview with Fox Business, on the background of the Broadcom powered iPhone 4S. He stressed that Broadcom has set its eye on making room for itself in the mobile chip market using an integrated, data-driven strategy that combines several different elements in a single chipset. He also pointed towards the growing number of affordable Android handsets as a big opportunity for growth, ignoring a comment about Intel’s mobile debut during the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas.

Broadcom’s big plan: connected devices

Broadcom has a launch of its own planned for the biggest annual consumer gadgets gathering.  In collaboration with Myriad, it will push towards expanding Android into TV domain. The plan is to install software from Myriad on Broadcom set-top boxes, opening up Android app access in the living room.

“Broadcom is pleased to support Myriad Alien Vue, driving popular Android apps to the TV,” said Aidan O’Rourke, Senior Director, Set-Top Box, Broadcom. “This enables a quick solution for set-top boxes using legacy operating systems to seamlessly deliver an exciting Android-based entertainment experience.”

Beyond the basic functionality, the joint offerings will support plugins offered by Myriad designed to further extend users’ content experience. This venture has some potential, but Android being a mobile OS may not yet be ripe to expand beyond its core industry. The same is probably true about most of the apps currently available.

In addition to their Android TV, Broadcom is also planning to unveil its first 5G WiFi-based 802.11ac chips. The new processors offer up to three times more for six times less power than their predecessor, according to the company, and are specifically designed to handle video streaming.  In December the company launched a chip specifically designed for mice and keyboards, which also put a big emphasis on power efficiency.