Survey: For Big Data, the Large Enterprise is Turning to Linux [Infographic]


A survey by the Linux Foundation and  the Yeaman Technology  Group finds that enterprise customers are using Linux about twice as much than Windows for their big data efforts.

The survey explored Linux adoption in enterprises with more than $500 million on revenues. A total of 1893 enterprise users were surveyed.

Among the findings:

  • 75% of those surveyed are concerned about big data. About 71% said Linux is the way to address the issue.
  • More Linux boxes are getting deployed inside by Enterprise shops. Eight out of ten respondents say that they have both added Linux servers in the last 12 months and plan to add more in the next year, too.
  • Linux is getting easier to use.
  • Linux is considered more secure than other operating systems.

No doubt these findings are weighted to some extent. But in reality, Linux servers are what service providers consider as the best bet for scaling an elastic infrastructure. Linux servers scale horizontally, ideal for big data jobs. So the findings are not necessarily a surprise. Windows is not out of the enterprise game by a long means. But for big data deployments, Linux is the obvious choice.

Here are the full results and the infographic:





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