Zynga Takes on Mobile Gaming with 4 Acquisitions

Zynga, creator of popular massive multiplayer online games such as Farmville, Mafia Wars, and CityVille, and had their successful IPO last December, acquired four mobile gaming companies.

In an interview with Reuters, Zynga’s top mobile executive David Ko announced that the company acquired four small mobile gaming companies before 2011 ended.  Back in August, Zynga acquired HipLogic, a San Francisco-based gaming company, and New York based Astro Ape Studios to develop new titles.  In September, Zynga acquired San Francisco based Page44 Studios, maker of “World of Goo” for iOS devices.  And in December, the company acquired Gamedoctors, based in Bielefeld near Hanover, which makes the game ZombieSmash.

Ko did not give any details as to how much the acquisitions sum up to.

Though the company was able to raise $1 billion in funding in their IPO,  shares have been lagging as their stocks stock fell 6% on Wednesday and closed at $8.65 per share.  The acquisitions will expand their lineup beyond Facebook and Google+ to smartphones and tablets.