Feel Like 007 With these Wi-Fi Cufflinks

Question: How do you techie-fy formal attire?

Answer: Add Wi-Fi and USB storage drive cufflinks.

Brookstone, a chain of retail stores in the US that sells a range of products from remote controls to massagers, is now offering cufflinks that makes any techie feel like an international spy.

The Cufflinks

The polished silver, oval-shaped cufflinks feature a 2GB USB storage and a WiFi hotspot supporting multiple devices.  Just download the accompanying software and connect the cufflink to a USB port into your computer or laptop and voila!  High-speed WiFi hotspot for smartphones, tablets, and all other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The Wi-Fi/USB storage cufflinks are priced at $249.99, which you can add either a 2-year service protection plan for $39.99 or a 3-year service protection plan for $49.99, which, if your cufflinks suddenly goes haywire, Brookstone will repair or replace them at no additional charge.

Time Techland stated the perfect scenario as to why the Wi-Fi cufflinks is a must, especially if you’re a single guy looking to hook up.

“Let’s say you’re at a wedding and the wireless router kicks the bucket. Just hook a laptop directly into the cable modem and then stick the Wi-Fi cufflink into one of the laptop’s USB ports. In no time at all, you’ve got yourself a new wireless hotspot that all the guests can use to surf the web on their Wi-Fi-enabled devices. This sounds like a boring wedding, but you just made it exponentially more interesting by being the guest with the Wi-Fi cufflinks, so there’s that.  Be prepared for ladies gushing over you as they say, “How you’ve managed to stay single this long is beyond me.”