Node.js All Stars Create “Bite Sized” Consulting Firm

The Node Firm logo

The Node Firm logo Finding developers with expertise in Node.js is beyond challenging. The platform is still very young and the rate of adoption is rising faster than the pool of developers versed in it. One new company, The Node Firm, hopes to help solve that problem by offering “bite sized” consulting to companies in need of Node.js help.

According to Mikeal Rogers, one of the firm’s co-founders, many companies end up building applications in Node.js that end up having to be radically changed a year later due to common mistakes. These sorts of problems could be solved in advance by bringing in experienced Node.js developers in the early stages of development. But there just aren’t enough developers and consultants to meet the demand. That’s where The Node Firm comes in.

The firm’s partner list is like a who’s who of Node.js, with many of the platform’s core contributors and practitioners from leading adopters such as Joyent and Yammer. They all have full time jobs elsewhere, but want to help Node.js grow. So they’re offering small engagements of no more than a day to help companies with Node.js architecture, training and scaling.

The firm’s founding partners are:

  • Isaac Schlueter
  • Jed Schmidt
  • Paolo Fragomeni
  • Tim Caswell
  • Nuno Job
  • Daniel Shaw
  • Brian LeRoux
  • Marco Rogers
  • Adam Christian
  • Christian Sanz
  • Chris Williams
  • Pedro Teixeira
  • Matthew Eernisse
  • Mikeal Rogers

Each partner has their own rate, and when a consulting gig comes in the firm will collectively decide which consultant is the best fit based on the client’s budget and needs. “We all loving building product and really love what we’re doing,” said Rogers. “But we also love Node and want to help it grow.”

Rogers describes The Node Firm as the polar opposite of a traditional consulting firm. The goal isn’t to create or maintain code for clients, but to help clients better create and maintain their own code. Rogers emphasizes that there’s nothing wrong with the approach taken by a firm like the Node.js focused Jetpacks for Dinosaurs (which is also more focused on architecture), but The Node Firm is trying to fill a different need.

The Node Firm is partnered with the Node.js platform-as-a-service provider Nodejitsu, along with some other partners Rogers says he can’t mention yet.

If you want to know more about Node.js, the ServicesAngle team will be at NodeSummit this week covering the event live on theCube.