7 Companies Hiring Node.js Developers

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Node.js logo I’ve mentioned that experienced Node.js talent is hard to find, but here’s a look at a few of jobs that these rare developers are being asked to do.

Braintree Payments

Braintree Payments is looking for a developer to work on a variety of projects, and the company isn’t shy about its use of Node.js, noting: “We build client libraries for integrating with Braintree in Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP, Java, and .NET” and that its developers built a mesh client chat client in Node.js.


VMware is hiring developers to work on its Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service, which includes support for Node.js. One job asks for a developer with experience with “modern frameworks, programming models, and key web technologies like like Rails, Sinatra, Spring, Django, node.JS, eventmachine, Scala, Erlang, etc.”


Microsoft just started supporing Node.js on Azure. That means it’s going to need more developers to work on the language. This position for an engineer for the SDK requires “experience with web technologies such as PHP, Java, or node.js.”


As the former employer of Up and Running with Node.js author Tom Hughes-Croucher, Yahoo has a long history with Node.js. The company has multiple positions for people with experience in Node.js, including this one which requires “demonstrable experience” with a server side technology such as Node.js.


For those looking for more of a do-gooder opportunity, Coursekit is hiring a software engineer to work with “Python, node.js, Redis, MySQL, and a soon-to-be-open-source front-end CoffeeScript framework” to try to fix the education system. Check out this profile for more information on the company.


Voxer is one of the most famous users of Node.js, and adoption of its push-to-talk mobile app is exploding. The company is looking for a server software engineer with Node.js experience. The job listing reads: “Node is still very new, so obviously nobody has 3 years of experience working with it yet, at least some experience with node is preferred.”


Joyent employs Node.js Ryan Dahl and also develops Dtrace, which uses Node.js for server monitoring. And it’s looking for more people to work on Node.js or develop tools using Node.js.