Permabit Finds another Partner in Stonefly

Permabit has entered into an OEM agreement with StoneFly, a maker of high-performance NAS, SAN and storage systems that’s a part of the Dynamic Network Factory. StoneFly will be integrating Permabit’s Albireo deduplication software into its portfolio, which is good news for the OEM-embedded solution and its steadily growing ecosystem.

The company managed to position Albireo in a very unique spot, thanks to the sheer performance gap between the latter and the competition. An independent study conducted a few months ago found that the solution can provide over 400 GB/sec of deduplication throughput, which breaks the previous industry record, also held by Permabit. Other than that, it can achieve compression rates of up to 35:1, and can be deployed on any infrastructure, thanks to a lot of scalability capabilities and an API.

“Our customers are asking us to deliver solutions that can more cost effectively deal with the data deluge they’re experiencing,” said Mo Tahmasebi, President/CEO of Stonefly Inc. “Data optimization technology, such as deduplication, is what we were looking to add to our offerings and Permabit, with Albireo, delivers exactly what we were looking for allowing us to rapidly increase our time to market.”

Previously, Permabit has received some official confirmation of its offering’s distinctions from the rest of the market. Four additional patents have been awarded to the company covering different elements in its portfolio, mostly data protection.

The month before, Michael Fortson has received a promotion. The former director of engineering and chief architect is now known simply as Permabit’s vice president of engineering, which puts Fortson in an even more important role within the company. The storage solutions provider relies on its R&D crew to maintain its lead over the market, at least when it comes to Albireo.