ServicesAngle Weekly Editorial Call: Node.js, Splunk Competitors and Hadoop for the Enterprise


Each week the ServicesAngle has a conference call to discuss the week’s news and trends. It usually includes Editor Alex Williams; Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelley and myself. Sometimes we just do voice calls, other times we do videoconferencing. Sometimes we bring other people into the conversations. Wikibon and SiliconAngle are all about collaboration and transparency, so, we’ve decided to start sharing these conversations.

This week it was just the three of us, discussing Node.js, big data, Splunk competitors, EMC’s latest Hadoop play and whether Hadoop will see mainstream adoption and what that will mean for the enterprise.


I’ll be gone next week, but keep an eye on our Twitter stream for announcements about a live broadcast. Otherwise keep an eye here for notes or recordings from the next meeting.