Anonymous’ #F*ckFriday Taunts the FBI

It’s #Friday, Friday, #FuckFBIFriday, everybody’s lookin’ forward to the leakend, leakened… #FFF – @AnonymousIRC

Yeah, Anonymous used Rebecca Black’s song to taunt the FBI.  And the authorities must be outraged by now as Anonymous not only targeted the FBI but also police departments from different cities as well as banks in foreign countries.

F*ck FBI Friday

Anonymous released a video on YouTube containing a hacked conference call between the FBI and the Scotland Yard.  The call, which allegedly occurred on January 17th, lasted about 17 minutes.  The people on the line started with jokes, talking about a famous food chain, introducing everyone on the line from both sides, before they got down to business. They discussed investigation of Anonymous, Lulzsec, Antisec, and other associated splinter groups, evidences, as well as planned arrest of the named hackers.

FBI confirms hackers intercepted confidential phone call and says it is hunting those responsible – @SkyNewsBreak

Anonymous taunts the FBI further by tweeting “The #FBI might be curious how we’re able to continuously read their internal comms for some time now. #OpInfiltration

Sites Go Down

Anonymous promised a long day and they always deliver.  The website of Greece’s Ministry of Justice was defaced by Anonymous and claimed to have leaked all login and password information and left a message on the front mane page stating “that more attacks will take place on the media like ERT”.  The site’s administrators quickly implemented damage control by taking down the site.

According to a video posted by the group, the attack was in protest of the near-bankrupt country’s bailout by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund which has been associated with unpopular austerity policies.

In response, Anonymous tweeted “We support the defacement of – however we do NOT support any attacks on media. #Anonymous” – @AnonymousIRC

Anonymous also defaced the Boston Police website because of the polie brutality they enforced on the participants of Occupy Boston.  Aside from posting the music video of “Sound of da police” by KRS-One, they also included the following message:

Is that it? Hell no, there is plenty more mayhem to deliver for this #FuckFBIFriday. Do you remember a few months ago when #antisec attaked the Boston Police and released hundred of passwords in retaliation for the brutality against Occupy Boston? They clearly ignored our warnings, because not only did they raid the camp again and kicked protesters off of public parks, but they also sent undercover TSA agents to assualt and attempt to steal from some organizers. So you get your kicks beating protesters? That’s OK; we get kicks defacing and rm’n your websites – again., the “Boston Poice Department Virtual Community” also fell to the swift merciless veangeance of the hive. Do you really want to step to this??

The Syracuse Police website was also hacked, and will probably down for a few days, although Sgt. Tom Connellan claimed that police reports or other sensitive information were not accessed.  The attack on the site was brought about by the Syracuse police department’s knowledge of the Bernie Fine case, as well as the case of former Auburn police officer Brian Hutchings, a convicted felon who is suing the city of Auburn for back pay and pension.

The Salt Lake Police Department (SLPD) website was also targeted because their officers will be acting as “foot soldiers” – enforcing a proposed anti-graffiti bill sponsored by state Sen. Karen Mayne.  According to SLPD Sgt. Shawn Josephson, the only data that seems to have been lifted was the names and e-mail addresses of those who signed up to receive SLPD press releases.

And in an unrelated #FF news, Anonymous Brazil targeted three major Brazilian banks – Bradesco, Itau and Banco do Brasil, this week not to inflict any negative effects on the clients but to protest “the countless inequalities in the country.”

It’s Not Over

Anonymous released a new video announcing Operation Armenian Genocide.  The two-minute video states that they will attack Turkish government websites until they admit that the Armenian Genocide actually happened and Armenians are given back their lands which the Turks claimed in 1915.  Even the other governments who fail to recognize the Armenian Genocide will be targeted.

The Armenian Genocide was the systemic destruction of the Armenian population by the Ottoman Empire or the Turks in 1915.  The death toll was estimated at 1 million to 1.5 million innocent Armenians brutally slain.  The government of Turkey refuse to recognize the event as genocide.

The French Senate recently passed a bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide.  Despite threats and bullying from the Turkish state, the bill passed with 127 votes for, 86 against.  Those caught denying the Armenian Genocide will be punished by a year in jail and a fine of 45,000 euros ($58,000).