McAfee 2.0 Tops This Week’s iPad, Android Tablet Business Apps

In this week’s mobile countdown it’s three Android apps that take the spotlight. In the past week or so McAfee, Google and the BBC all updated or rolled out new apps for the open-source OS, as a part of a long-stretching inbound of mobile goodness that flipped our roundup upside down.


McAfee Mobile Security 2.0

The now Intel-owned security software giant released v2 of its tablet security suite.  With it came several improvements to the product, including a built-in tool that looks into what data the apps on your device are accessing, the ability to filter calls and text messages and several other new features and backend tweaks.

Google Docs (updated)

Next out is the newest release of G-Docs for Android. It now offers a greatly improved experience for tablet users thanks to the addition of various UI elements, and now also supports offline browsing and editing of documents. The online copies are updated to the latest version whenever the user reestablishes their internet connection.

BBC News

The BBC decided to add Android tablet support to its mobile client. The popular news service now enables a whole new category of users to stay up to date to news and other items via the British media network.



MobileNoter is the first of the two organization and productivity apps for iPad featured in this week’s post. They both make at least one interesting addition to what can otherwise be a very dull area. MobileNoter’s unique twist is that, while it can run as a standalone app, it offers users a lot more functionality via desktop and Microsoft OneNote sync.

iAnnotate  PDF

The developer’s vision for this PDF viewer/text editor was to pack as much features and flexibility into a single reader app as possible. Based on all the sync, sharing, browsing and customization options included, that goal has been achieved.