Joyent CEO Tells How Node.js Fits Into Mobile Strategy [Video]

Joyent, the California-based cloud computing startup founded by Jason Hoffman, caught up with John Furrier and Alex Williams at theCube to talk about Node’s strategy and technical impact (full video below).  He discussed everything Node.js at the first NodeSummit in San Francisco.

In a conversation with own our John Furrier and Alex Williams, Hoffman discussed his company’s history, the recent massive funding round of $85 million, Node.js and its evolution in both the future of computing and today’s deployed systems.

When asked about his company’s history, Hoffman summarized Joyent’s ability to provide developers and enterprises with the most powerful run time for developing data-intensive, real-time apps. The company’s cloud based solution is designed for enterprises and developers, while its public cloud services are used by the most innovative companies in the world.

Hoffman said they are trailing just behind Amazon as an infrastructure system software firm. Later, Hoffman reveals where he thinks Node.js stands in the industry today. Developers these days are fascinated by Node. Joyent’s PaaS offerings based on Node.js gives developers a way to create new types of data-intensive, real-time apps.

The Joyent CTO added that web-based applications are growing, and will see more adoption, while client server-based apps are turning into real-time small data sync peers. Joyent considers Node.js a valuable platform for PaaS on which it continues to use JavaScript on the server-side. The use of Node.js in mobile will generate even bigger demand for mobile, and will drive more adoption of cloud-based applications.

The discussion was extended to Joyent’s future growth in 2012. When asked this question, Hoffman said the new funding will enable Joyent to build out a global compute offering to assist customers in expanding consistent software, support and services to their clients. He said the company is in expansion mode, and plans to open data centers in US, Europe, Asiapac and other parts of the world.

In conclusion, Hoffman talked about expanding the NodeSummit event beyond San Francisco, and he also talked about the Node.js ecosystem. The ecosystem is expanding both vertically and horizontally, thanks to new start-ups that are offering services based on this language.

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