iPad Drives BYOD Trends, says Oxygen Cloud Founder Peter Chang [Video]

One of the highlights of the first ever NodeSummit this year was the participation of new start-up ventures and their adoption of the Node.js. During  NodeSummit in San Francisco, Oxygen Cloud’s founder Peter Chang talked to our own John Furrier and Alex Williams about the current state of enterprise cloud storage adoption. He also briefs the challenges companies are facing with the rising trend of BYOD (bring-your-own-device) in the workplace.

The interview started with the discussion on the company’s history. Oxygen Cloud was started last year, and introduced their first client faced product last June. They provide companies an option upgrade any storage to secure storage clouds, with cross-device access to all corporate files.

Chang then discussed the importance of the iPad in driving enterprise cloud adoption, and the current gaps in the market. He notes that more and more people are using their iPad and other mobile devices in the workplace. This brings more challenges to a firm, as they might lose control over company’s sensitive data when a user leaves the firm or loses their device.

That’s why Oxygen Cloud has created a secured virtual file system that accepts file and transfers them to one of the several cloud storage sites. The file system also interacts with iPad and other mobile devices, allowing BYOD users to access the files securely and remotely.

Chang talked about some similarities of Oxygen Cloud services to that of DropBox, SugarSync, and Syncplicity. But Oxygen Cloud adds one more layer to its services that other don’t provide. The company interposes IT management through its virtual file system, and allows authorized users to choose from a number of possible IT-approved destinations for a given file. At the same time, it also uses either an internal or external cloud system powered by EMC’s Atmos.

Chang goes on to discuss how Oxygen Cloud’s unique security model protects corporate content with minimal disruption. He also highlighted the company’s adoption of a new model of content access in the enterprise that will further enhance capacity management.

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