New SAP Products Coincide with Oracle Demands for IP Case

Software maker SAP has announced a major boost to HANA, its in-memory analytics platform that has now been tailored to suit the SME market, thanks to two newly announced offerings.

The first addition to the company’s analytics portfolio is SAP HANA for SAP Business One, a smaller application that’s based on the solution, designed for easier use and runs on  partner hardware. It’s also integrated with the SAP Crystal Reports software and will become available via resellers later in 2012, according to the company. The emphasis is on simplicity, which SAP hopes will help drive productive up for users.

The second new HANA-powered solution is referred to as the Edge edition. It’s built for the mid-market, specifically users of the Business-All-in-One software SAP offers, and has been built to deliver more value if bundled up with some of the other SAP solutions worldwide partners are offering. This is an early step towards realizing the vision of integrating HANA into SAP’s core portfolio, which is on the company’s list of long-term agendas.

On the short term, they still have a community portal update to sort out. The roll out of the new SAP Community Network was originally scheduled for last December, but has been delayed due to technical issues, and no updated ETA has been provided.  A beta program has been running ever since. SAP’s Mark Yolton did however provide some new details in a recent blog post. The following tidbit rounds up what his team has achieved so far:

“To give you an idea of the amount of work completed already:

  • 116 blocker/showstopper and critically important items have been resolved
  • 163 high-priority items have been resolved
  • 201 medium-priority items have been resolved
  • 11 low-priority items have been resolved”


Yolton said that eight more eight blocker or show-stopper items need to be tweaked, as well as eight critically important items.

PCWorld’s  Chris Kanaracus notes that SAP is trying to avoid the bad experience Oracle had after relaunching a buggy portal back in ’09, which seems rather appropriate considering that the latter is currently trying to reverse its own bad luck in a copyright lawsuit against SAP.