OpenLogic’s Q4 Revenue Surged 45% – Other Milestones

Open PaaS provider OpenLogic reflects on its performance throughout 2011 in newly published report, which reveals a few trends that extend beyond the company alone.

The company has seen revenue surge by 45 percent in Q4 last year, the most profitable quarter to date, and one that sealed what was a successful fiscal year overall. OpenLogic also said that its customer base has ballooned to over 300 enterprises, with Global 2000 companies accounting for 70 percent of orders.

OpenLogic named manufacturing, government and media as its fastest growing industries in 2011, while at the same time IT, financial services and again manufacturing ended up as the top three largest customer industries.

“OpenLogic saw a broadening of our business in 2011 due to significant growth across new verticals, as well as a deepening of relationships with existing customers as they bought additional products and services,” said Steve Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic.

“We are seeing growth beyond industries that are early adopters of open source, and into more mainstream technology adopters. As open source is used more widely and cloud development continues to gain steam – more enterprises are turning to OpenLogic for open source provisioning, scanning and support.”

The PaaS provider had several other milestones recently. One of the latest is the announcement that CloduSwing can now run on Rackspace Cloud, news that it revealed in late December. October was another important month – CloudSwing launched into general availability.

The platform is fairly new, and is based entirely on the concept of offering a completely open product for enterprises to customize and integrate into their IT environments. It supports a long lineup of different languages and clouds, not just Rackspace, in order to facilitate the flexibility OpenLogic promises.