Google No. 3 Employee Craig Silverstein Joins Executive Exodus

Google’s earliest employee (1st official employee), Craig Silverstein, is leaving the company. Craig will be joining the online learning school, Khan Academy.  Khan Academy is the inspiration behind SiliconANGLE’s upcoming Silicon Academy tech learning project.

Google has confirmed the news. Silverstein is actually Google’s third employee, after the two co-founders – Larry Page and Sergey Brin. He joined Google in 1998 and since the founding of the Google, he’s held various technical positions within the company.

First, Silverstein has helped establishing the famous and profitable Google search engine, which may be his most important contribution. As an experienced technician, he started building Google along with two founders from their dorm rooms as PhD students at Stanford University.

Before leaving, Silverstein was responsible for multiple projects, including monitoring the search engines and engineers.

Google is not the only IT major where we have seen Executives are leaving to take attractive alternative career path. Old-timers executive from HP, Dell and Microsoft are also left their companies either to join rival or start something new.

HP is Losing its Veteran

HP has lost yet another veteran. After the departure of former Apple executive and head of Palm Jon Rubinstein, HP’s webOS business unit chief architect Brian Hernacki has left the firm.

Hernacki had joined Palm in 2009 as a chief security architect. After HP acquired Palm for 1.2 billion, he took the charge of webOS business unit.

The hardware major also lost Lawrence Babbio, Director of HP and the former president and vice-chairman of Verizon.

Compellent Co-Founder Leaves Dell

CEO Phil Soran, co-founder and CEO of storage company Compellent is stepping down from his position on March 31. Soran founded Compellent in his basement with Larry Aszmann and John Guider.

After the acquisition by Dell, Soran was looking after the Dell’s storage business. He was the main contributor for Dell’s goals to start focusing on its own products.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Security Stephen Toulouse Leaves to Rival Apple

Stephen Toulouse, director of policy and implementation measures of Xbox Live, revealed on his blog that he will leave his post on February 15.

“Despite the wonderful ability of Microsoft to dramatically change careers within the company have been working there for nearly 18 years and is the only world I know. I feel strangely comfortable and arrested,” Toulouse explained the reason for his departure. Toulouse didn’t elaborate where he will be joining, but rumors are there he will join the rival Apple.

Xbox’s other marketers, J Allard, Robbie Bach, and Otto Berkes, also left the company recently. Microsoft is re-structuring its Xbox division from a pure gaming division to a general media platform. The change of guard can be seen as a reason for the veteran to leave the firm.