Where Does Node.js fit Into the Cloud and Enterprise Market? [Video]

James Urquhart of EnStratus shared his industry insight with SiliconANGLE’s Alex Williams during a 30-minute interview  in which the two managed to cover a number of topics, from the highlights of Node Summit to the cloud and how the overall market is doing today in light of all the disruptive new trends.

Urquhart started off by pointing out exactly what’s so unique in Node: the fact that it’s portable, according to him, as well as its componentized nature.  These two things make the language very data-oriented, and particularly useful in cloud and services-based environments. They also make debugging and deployment more efficient when compared with other languages.

In light of all that, the very architecture that makes Node.js so ideal for some projects makes it a less viable candidate in others: Urquhart cited a less efficient eventing model and certain concurrency-related downsides.  Farther into the interview he continued to expand on the advantages of Node and the reasons behind all the popularity it managed to pick up in a relatively short amount of time.

The cloud enables enterprises to leverage apps that didn’t make financial sense before – big data apps. They can start projects, spin off the good parts and allocate IT resources on-demand, all of which can be executed more effectively thanks to the componentization Node introduces to that environment, according to Urquhart.  Continuing this line of thought, he stressed that the combination of the cloud and Node make a good fit for any service that generates a lot of unstructured data, such as social media and sharing sites.

The conversation moved deeper into cloud territory when Urquhart said that currently he considers Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce as the companies with the strongest outlooks for the next decade, while Google and VMware are not that far behind.

For the other highlights and analysis in the full interview, check out the video below.

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