HP Launches New Professional Services Offering to Help Tame Supplier Sprawl


Hot on the heels of its Gen8 servers announcement, HP today announced a new professional services offering: HP Service Integration and Management. The new service is meant to help enterprises “integrate, manage and govern complex multivendor environments.”

The services included in this offering include:

  • Governance Management
  • Business Service Management
  • Operational Service Management
  • Transformation Experience Workshop
  • Roadmap Service
  • Design and Implementation Services

The company will also offer the HP IT Performance Suite, which will provide software for asset management, operations management and performance optimization. HP lists its asset management software, project and portfolio management center and service management center as related products. We’ve mentioned before that governance and cloud management software and services are shaping up to be some of the hottest areas for IT growth in 2012.

HP has released two white papers related to the new service: one on the evolution of IT into a service broker and one on the new service itself.


One of the big shifts in the role of IT and the CIO is a decrease in managing on-premise technology and an increase in managing procurement, SLAs and cloud services (see this infographic on the changing role of the CIO). And this type of management is the sort of thing that many IT departments are going to need help with. Watch for other companies to offer similar services.