SocialVolt Channels Accelerate Brand Monitoring on Facebook, Google+

Social media becomes increasingly important in corporate communication strategies, or anyone who’s seeking more visibility on the web. Monitoring is one of the main objectives to improve customer service, your product or marketing, raising the importance of analysis as the basis for new strategies, all based on the vision of what users want.

“Brand monitoring is a critical component of a comprehensive social media management system,” said Ben Smith, principal of Social: IRL, a social media strategy and education company. “With the continued proliferation of social media, it is vital that companies are able to easily listen and monitor conversations across brands and social media sites.”

SocialVolt, a management platform that integrates social media tools to connect with customers on the social web, has introduced a new brand monitoring tool to its leading social media management system (SMMS) services to help manage social media proliferation.

The monitoring tool, called Channels, help businesses to closely monitor brand conversions across social networks to maximize the visibility and minimize the possibility of risk in social media engagement. It combines features like listening, publishing, moderation and risk management solutions.

“Channels is a fresh and much needed approach to brand monitoring that not only allows enterprises to track relevant social conversations, but also lets them immediately engage as needed with its intuitive moderation and publishing features,” said Scott Oppliger, chief executive officer, SocialVolt. “Channels check all of the necessary brand monitoring boxes, but also include robust social media risk management capabilities.”

Channels works across all the major social networks including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and millions of other blogs. After signed on with the Channels, users can then create listening agents, mainly a series of tags that the tool uses to track conversations about the brand, its services and products.

Growing demand for monitoring services

For a company, it is essential to know the reputation of the brand across online media, and how its message is distributed across different channels, what users say about competitors and what items consumers really want. On the web there are growing demands for monitoring tools that help assess the comments users make about a product or service on different sites and social networks, to understand what they think and feel about it.

According to a report from Altimeter Group, 54 percent respondents favor a need of monitoring tool for social media management system. Many companies fill this gap by providing customized social media solutions.

Friend2Friend, the social media solutions provider that designs, develops, implements and hosts social media applications and campaigns to engage users on Facebook, recently rolled out its Friend2Friend Social Media Platform to support the increasingly sophisticated demands of brands in this new era of social media marketing.

Another media solution company specializing in performance analysis solutions is Quantivo, providing a hosted platform for managing large volumes of data, while thismoment unites brands with end users.